Our History

What Make Us Special

Buraq Air is the first Libyan private airline, established in November 2000. And launched its operations by dry-leaseing two B727-200 airplanes and started operating domestic route by carrying passengers between Tripoli and Benghazi. On September 2002, Buraq Air purchased three B727-200, and two turboprop L410 aircrafts to conect oil fields to Libyan major cities. At that stage, the scope of schedul services operations had expanded to include international routes by launching flights to Istanbul. One year later, two B737- 200 were purchased and a further expansion was achieved by operating scheduled flights to three more doestic destinations , Labraq, Tobruk and Sebha also added two more reginol destinations Aleppo (Syria) and Rabat (Morocco). At the same time, an active cargo department was operated based on Ilyushin 76 cargo airplanes flying to different international airports such as Istanbul, Dubai, Sharjah and several African destinatioons. On 2005, the Airline management decided to improve the services to passengers by modernizing the company fleet. Negotiations with Boeing Company led to the purchase of two B737- 800 new generation aircrafts. The first delivery was on October 2006 and the second one was delivered on November the same year, upon receiving the two NG aircrafts the company opened three more reginol destiations ( Alexandria, Cairo and Tunis) , On 2009 opened one European Destination Sarajevo, and started charter services to destinations worlwide. Furthermore, and in order to improve its services and be self-independent (minimizing leasing of aircrafts), Buraq Air had purchased three aircrafts, two Boeing 737-400, one was introduced to service on February 2010 and the other on January 2011, and one B737-500, introduced to service on August 2012. On January 2020 and as a celebration of the 20th anniversary, Buraq Air introduced the innovative concept of Buraq Air 2.0 to restructure the company and initiate a new era of the history of the Airline. Buraq Air 2.0 is a complete strategic and organizational transformation of the Company.