Buraq Air has always been an incubator for Libyan aviation professionals. The company has been, since its creation back in 2000, a nursery for operational profiles (pilots, cabin crew and dispatchers), Technical engineers, support services, management and aviation entrepreneurs.

Buraq Air has inspired, and still, many generations of Libyan aviation profiles and gives them the opportunity to interact with senior and experienced professionals. Buraq Air inspired and shaped the whole private aviation sector in the Country and even in the region.

Our people are chosen carefully in line with aviation highest standards and their overall capacity is developed and maintained through a continuous development program. We are also grateful to all our personnel and we have different rewarding strategies for distinguished perople.

Besides the technical aspects, our people trainings are also inspiring and make all of our staff ambassadors of our brand.

Our frontliners (cabin crew, commercials and other direct touch points with the customer) go through our advanced post-recruitment and recurrent training programs.