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With our network and schedules, we can provide a fast and reliable cargo service that is only limited by our ever-increasing destinations. Buraq Air prides itself on speed, safety and economy for your transport needs. Our ground personnel are among the most professional and experienced in the region, especially in loading and handling cargo. If you appreciate a quality service from start to finish, our friendly and expert staff are ready to serve you.

We offer shipping services for a variety of products that require special handling and service in addition to a variety of services designed to meet your shipping needs. Our personnel are aware of the sensitive nature of various cargo items particularly perishables. All types of perishables are handled according to the unique requirements of each type (note that transport of perishable materials is limited to direct flights only).

In Buraq Air we will only transport general cargo goods, which the cargo department approves of. Contact our head office or agents to learn about our special offers and rates on transporting your cargo from and to Libya,  We provide special discounted rates for goods of Libyan origin to Europe and Turkey only within the frame of export promotion of the Libyan agricultural and industrial products.

Our Cargo Department provides the following services

  • Accepts goods intended for export purposes
  • Complete export procedures on your behalf
  • Human Remains
  • Live Animals
  • Mail
  • Perishable goods


Buraq Air cargo department does not accept the following cargos:

1. Dangerous goods

2. Paints

3. Oil and lubricants


0 # MansorHamsa GmbH 2015-05-11 10:23
Please inform me about connecting Germany to La Abraq Airport (LAQ)
.For Cargo
-1 # engabdu ban 2016-05-27 15:40
is it possible to carry on board general purpose medicine and what is the max load axcepted as well as relating cost from Tunisia to Tripoli
0 # RE: Cargoaimen 2016-11-22 16:54
it was my pleasure for using ur services :-) .